Los Angeles, CA, U.S.

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Los Angeles (LAX)

Transferring within and between terminals

There are several options for transferring between terminals at LAX.

Terminals 4 and 6 are linked airside by an underground walkway.

There is also an airside transfer bus that runs from Terminal 4 to Terminal 6, the American Eagle Regional Terminal and Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) for customers connecting onto Qantas services. 

To walk to TBIT for an international departure after arriving on a domestic flight, exit Terminal 4 (for American Airlines arrivals) or Terminal 6 (for US Airways arrivals) and turn left.

From an international flight (arrivals on British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Iberia, Japan Airlines, LAN or Qantas) to a domestic flight – clear immigration and customs, and recheck your baggage at the baggage recheck area. For both Terminal 4 and Terminal 6 connections, exit TBIT and turn right.

Walking is the fastest way to transfer between terminals, however you can also use the LAX Airport Shuttle A terminal transfer bus, which is available on the arrivals lower ground level.

Locations of oneworld® member airline departures:

Airline Destination Terminal
American Airlines & American Eagle All services TBIT, T4, T5 & Regional Terminal
British Airways All services TBIT
Cathay Pacific All services TBIT
Iberia (seasonal operation) All services TBIT
Japan Airlines All services TBIT
LATAM All services TBIT
Qantas All services TBIT
Qatar Airways All services TBIT

How long does it take to transfer between terminals?

Walking between TBIT and Terminal 4 takes approximately 5-10 minutes.

10-15 minutes to walk between TBIT and Terminal 6.

The underground walkway between Terminals 4 and 6 takes approximately 15 minutes.

The airside shuttle bus runs every 15 minutes and takes approximately 5 minutes. 

The LAX airport transfer bus operates every 7-10 minutes and takes approximately 45 minutes to transfer between all terminals.