Visit South America

Discover South America with oneworld

With access to 65 destinations throughout 10 countries, a oneworld® Visit South America Pass is your key to discovering this amazing continent and its people.

A Visit South America Pass enables you to visit the following countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.

You can visit vibrant cities like Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires, experience the spectacular Andes Mountains or travel to Easter Island, the Galapagos or the exotic Amazonian region in the north of the continent.


Choice of flights

Book as many flights as you like with your oneworld Visit South America Pass (minimum three flights), using the services of American Airlines, British Airways, LAN, Qatar Airways, TAM and their affiliates.

Simply confirm the first segment of your itinerary when you make your booking and enjoy the flexibility of leaving your remaining segments open-dated.

Simple pricing

The price you pay for your oneworld Visit South America Pass is based on the following pricing zones: Journeys can be within a single zone or a combination of two or more.  A minimum purchase of three sectors is required with no maximum limit.

Zone Mileage (kilometre) range
Zone 1 Up to 560 miles (901km)
Zone 2 561-750 miles (902-1207km)
Zone 3 751-1280 miles (1208-2060km)
Zone 4 1281-1810 miles (2061-2912km)
Zone 5 1811-2300 miles (2913-3702km)
Zone 6 2301-3500 miles (3703-5632km)

Visit South America

How to book

Visit South America fares are available to residents of countries outside of South America. Travel must be booked before departure from country of origin and in conjunction with return travel to South America on a oneworld airline. You can book your Visit South America Pass directly with a oneworld member airline. Please click on the links below for airline contact information.

Terms and conditions

  • Valid on all services within South America operated and marketed by American Airlines, British Airways, LATAM and Qatar Airways and their affiliates.
  • For the purpose of this fare, the definition of South America is the countries listed above.
  • Available for sale only to residents of countries outside South America. This fare must be booked before departure from country of origin, and in conjunction with return travel to South America on oneworld member airlines.
  • All information, routings, available destinations and fares are subject to change without notice.
  • Fares are calculated per sector and are exclusive of any taxes and passenger fees (which must be collected separately). Fares are for travel in economy-class cabins, and are limited to availability and capacity controls.
  • Cancellation and amendment penalties apply, subject to conditions of fare. Routing restrictions apply.
  • Children and infants: Children pay 67%. Infants pay 10%.
  • Minimum stay: One day. Maximum stay: 12 months.
  • All destinations you wish to travel to must be stated at time of purchase, before departure from country of origin. You need to make a reservation (confirm the flight number and date) for only the first segment of the trip. All remaining segments may be left open, as long as the reservations are made at any time prior to the day of departure on the segment concerned. Local fees may apply.
  • Further conditions may apply. Please speak to a oneworld member airline if you have further questions.

All information is correct as of 1 February 2013.  Subject to change without notice.