Dallas / Fort Worth, TX, U.S.

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Dallas / Fort Worth (DFW)

Transferring within and between terminals


The Skylink train connects all Terminals at DFW. Skylink stations are located, after Security, as follows:

  • Terminal A: Between A13 and A16 and between A28 and A33
  • Terminal B: Between B10 and B12 and between B28 and B31
  • Terminal C: Between C8 and C12 and between C27 and C31
  • Terminal D: Between D11 and D21 and between D24 and D36
  • Terminal E: Between E8 and E12 and between E31 and E32 (not served by oneworld® airlines)

Shuttle van

Blue and green shuttle vans operate a free transfer service between all terminals. These vans run every 10 minutes between 06:00-22:00 daily. Pick-up locations are as follows:

  • Terminal A: Between A19 and A21 and between A33 and A35
  • Terminal B: At B9 and between B23 and B25
  • Terminal C: Between C10 and C12 and at C31
  • Terminal D: At D17 and D24
  • Terminal E: Between E6 and E7 and between E16 and E17 (not served by oneworld airlines)

To request van pick-up between the hours of 22:00-06:00, please call (972) 574-5465.

How long does it take to transfer between terminals?

Skylink trains arrive every two to three minutes with an average trip time of five minutes.