My oneworld tier status

oneworld has three status tiers: Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby.

Because oneworld's airlines all have different names for the top membership tiers in their frequent flyer programmes, the alliance has created tier names, based on gemstones, that are common right across oneworld, so you can be clear of the benefits to which you are entitled wherever you fly through the alliance network.

Use our tier status tool below to show the corresponding benefits for your oneworld tier status level.

Japan Airlines: JGC Premier®

oneworld tier status: emerald

JGC Premier

As a member of JAL's frequent flyer programme, you earn points towards your tier status every time you travel on an eligible oneworld® flight.

You are entitled to the following oneworld benefits:

  • Priority First Class or Business Class check-in
  • Extra baggage allowance
  • Priority baggage handling
  • Fast track at security lanes (at select airports)
  • Priority boarding
  • Preferred and pre-reserved seating when offered by the airline operatiing the flight
  • Priority standby and waitlisting
  • Access to more than 650 airport lounges (with one guest) when travelling internationally*, including premium First Class, Business Class and frequent flyer lounges, regardless of the class of service flown that day

*North American itineraries within or between the U.S., Canada, Mexico (except Mexico City), the Bahamas, Bermuda and the Caribbean are not considered international destinations.
Each oneworld member airline reserves the right to change its frequent flyer programme rules, regulations, travel awards and special offers, and to end its frequent flyer programme in accordance with its relevant frequent flyer programme rules.